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The Blues

Can you not hear

Their double talk steer

Our eyes from the lies;

Are we all not austere?
Because the years of being poor

Appears to have freed up more

Money for the boys

Who knock at the door
Of canary-haired snakes

Who hide from the public

And restory mistakes

In absent debates.
They sell us two stories

For the price of one word;

Spinning failures as glory

After ten years of Tories.
Stoking the unseen, unheard

Unvoiced with a word –


beyond buses, beyond lies.
And Nigel sits there with a grin,

Like a snake with an apple,

Ready to let moneyed evil in,

Dismantle the systems within.
Yet Boris is much worse;

No policies beyond himself.

His charms is the curse

That will kill the country first.
Papers written in blue tears,

Crying Tories wish to smear

The party of the people

So their bigotry disappears
Into the realm of fake news,

‘Letterbox’ women equal less

Than talking of any Jew.

We forget what we choose.
And there’s a reason we all feel at war:

No-one profits from peace,

Thus no motive to restore

Any faith in anything anymore.
If not now, when will we unite?

Value our sameness,

And see the true enemy in this fight 

Is hiding off to the Right.


Winter beds

I hope you don’t see my eyes half-closing;

This rest isn’t meant to be

A comment on you,

I just really need to

Escape the world whilst I can.

My leg slides warmly against you;

A heat so easily missed.

Keep me hooked and tied

By your side,

So I can face the cold again.

Sinking amongst a mess of pillows;

Morning brings a persistent rain.

Out in the half-sun glow,

Please don’t go;

Sadness wets my wings once again.

Old scabs

Don’t fall in love, kids;

You’ll only get hurt.

And the second time

Will feel like the first.

Perhaps even worse,

Because you’ll feel stupid.

You should’ve learnt;

You should’ve done better,

To make things work.

And then you knock the scab

To open the wound to the world

And be vulnerable and raw

To another special person

And believe that this time –

It’s gotta be this time.

Perhaps it will be your forever,

Perhaps you’ll travel far.

Don’t fall in love;

Seize it.

Break it, use it;

Lash out and fight;

Dampen the sun

Until it burns night

Ignore the unloved,

They’ll trip you to fall,

Make you question who you are

Because there’s a shit-load of

Darkness between every star.


This moment is broken,

Just blank it out

Or it will hurt you;

You don’t need it now.

Let it tip over sideways,

Let the edges fray;

It’ll reconfigure

Into another shape.

But you won’t remember

Or see me at all,

When this memory returns back

And you try to recall;

And if I arrive here,

Will you come to see me?

Or will you drown your function

Within a timeless sea?

You can’t say why it pains you

Or why you cry at words

Or why a familiar moment

Makes everything hurt.


Can’t you hear the sound

Of my rasping lungs?

Hold on;

That faint blood-wheeze

Keeps the lonely disease

From infesting me.

And I bet you hear the crush

Of my snow-filled step?


It crunches

Beneath me

Like muted cough

And water runs black

As if the darkness between stars

Spilled upon the land.

The night may hide

Everything thought we knew

As untold stories

And unthinkable memories

and won’t stop all that whispering

Coming back in.

Because, on this night,

Shouting at the stars,

the snow silences us.

The Island

I don’t wanna be here tomorrow;

Not looking for your warm advice.

If I asked you to leave without me,

Would I have to ask you twice?

The waves, they begin to swallow

The edges of our barren land,

The paths we were set to follow,

Our castle which used to stand

Against the burnt horizon,

So dark against a bruising sky;

But the bricks are now worn and broken,

As our island sinks beneath the tide.

If you can, please donate gloves and socks to homeless people this Winter.

You’re welcome to take this seat;

As you need it more than me.

Those bloodied, wandering feet

Wet with the places you have been.

Huddled in a nameless heap,

And everyone refuses to see

The coldness on the street;

It’s a wonder you can even sleep.

Blackness and numbness

Of the nights

which left you toeless

And swimming in the warmth

That only liquor brings

And still those,

who have more than you,

Will only throw you change

If it doesn’t touch your veins.

Since when does a score

Change enough

To give you more?

A job interview, a house

A family to adore?

Pennies are not the reason to live

and sleep sober

On the empty streets

In December.


“No, I don’t need a drink;

I’m just waiting for a friend.”

Need some space to think,

To smile and to pretend

“I’ve got somewhere to go”

And “someone’s waiting for me.”

Instead, I’ll stay too long,

Feet resting in between,

The wilderness and an empty home.

How come we’ve walked so far

And still we don’t belong

To us or anywhere anymore?

Because all we hear is Brexit

Oh dear,

We act so surprised

When the shore falls away

Right before our eyes;

This was a mistake

Right from day dot,

But we have to blindly march

Whether we like it or not.

And you won’t listen to half of us

Because you couldn’t care less;

For we all know which suits

Will benefit from this mess.

It’s the men who speak fire,

The ones who sell fear

And won’t feel the pinch

Early next year.

How dare the rich think

they speak for the poor,

Preaching about democracy

And closing the door

On any debate

Which urges to learn more;

“It is Britain, you hate;

It is Britain, I adore.”

So let’s keep floating away

To place lost at sea,

Which fits not our people,

Our cultures, our dreams.


Don’t you dare

Hate me;

Loosely moving

Around me

As if I can fucking

Sleep right now?

So stop this,

Because you haven’t

Earned this fire

You hold on me.

Just keep making the problem

a person

Rather than owning it

or opening up what you’ve got –

The cheek of it.

You just try to come

With that face on;

You aren’t even ready

For what I got:

This blood-thunder plague

I can spit

If you bothered to ask.

But no,

You hurt,

So I can’t hurt too.


Where do I bleed

When I’m healing you?

No, stop.

Just leave this heat here,

It’s making me hide

With each smile you don’t mean,

Staring with rolled eyes.