Old scabs

Don’t fall in love, kids;

You’ll only get hurt.

And the second time

Will feel like the first.

Perhaps even worse,

Because you’ll feel stupid.

You should’ve learnt;

You should’ve done better,

To make things work.

And then you knock the scab

To open the wound to the world

And be vulnerable and raw

To another special person

And believe that this time –

It’s gotta be this time.

Perhaps it will be your forever,

Perhaps you’ll travel far.

Don’t fall in love;

Seize it.

Break it, use it;

Lash out and fight;

Dampen the sun

Until it burns night

Ignore the unloved,

They’ll trip you to fall,

Make you question who you are

Because there’s a shit-load of

Darkness between every star.


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