Red lego shapes

Mornings bring with them

This numb, heavy weight

Which presses hard down

Against our cold, empty shapes.

And that very next day

Never seems to come

Because the evening before us

Is too dark to move on.

He or she let you down,

He or she was not the one;

He or she does not own you

Or anyone you want to become.

You were more than a person

Before they came into your life

And you are still that and more,

Only stronger, with more insight.

For a lover does not define you,

Not the reason you exist;

You belong to yourself and others,

You are someone else’s kiss.

You are the reason for another

To smile through the day;

You will inspire more than tears

When this darkness fades away,

You are the moment people wait for

And someone is waiting for you;

But you’ll never know this

Until your eyes focus to

Another world, another place

Another time to live in,

Where you move closer to those 

Who give your life meaning,

So brutalise the past,

But remember what it teaches;

Because it cannot hold you back

From another world you wish to reach.

Eyes up and mind up

And imagine a new start;

For these are the instructions

To rebuild a broken heart


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