A blur of what is


A world that bends, splits, 


And on we go,

My friend,

As the –

The night,

The night goes on

And it goes on

And on,

Beyond us.

And she won’t see 

Into me,

See me

See me again. 

When it was her,



She made me drunk.


Too drunk,

floating in chunks

Of every meal

I ate that day,

That bad fucking day.

But what are you?

Tell me, please. 

You’re the

The time to stop

Are we?

To tell me

To drink me away?


My drink away?

Please listen,

Don’t go don’t

Please don’t;

You’re not

Lis- you’re not

Please don’t go.

Because tomorrow,

It always stings

When I wake 

Up to none of the things

I used to love.


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