Shooting stars

She smiles as if it was her last. The needle falls, yet still sticks out from her arm. She goes limp. I take her syringe and refill it. I inject the fire into my veins. Eyes roll back. Heart attack.

Sex rushes over us like a warm tide. Skin is electric. The floor is softer than ever. Spongey, pillowy wooden floorboards. She dissolves. I dissolve. We dissolve. A blend of hot and cold. Smiles on the walls and the door looks itchy. Smokey smells loom above me.

A skyline rises and falls against a blushing sunset horizon. Towers fall and the smoke plumes into a cluster of words. The smokey words shift into a sentence made for her lips and her lips only. The smoke, she whispers to me: ‘Die young and save yourself, before you become someone else.’


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