Archive | June 2015


“We are too strict on ourselves,”

Her blouse makes shapes by itself;

Moving like a ghost, it slips between

My fingers, back into my life, unseen.

A press of lips –

Electric –

Is more than we can stand

But less than we demand.

“I should go.” I say,

Unable to look away;

“You should really leave.”

Lip-bite, clutching at my sleeve.



A vacant smile,


in a hospital bed

With wires all around,

A stranger in his own head.

Everywhere, space;

Eyes move,


Everywhere, an unfamiliar face.

At least he looks happy,

Like he is remembering;

Something, anything.

“Daniel, where is my son?”

I’m right here, dad.

“He can’t visit today”

“He’s a busy boy.”

“He is, but he still loves you.”

“I hope die soon, Daniel.”

I hope so too.