Archive | April 2015


We talk in circles,
Hands cupped in comfort,
With words of sameness
And safeness.
The subject changes
Around changing;
“Do you think we should -”
“Stay together, yes.”
Faint smiles
And a weightless kiss
“Are you sure you -”
“we both want this.”



He pours for himself,
Her cup: empty;
She reaches out,
With searching eyes, for tea.

Cold coffee

My coffee is cold,
“I’ll have two more”;
Our hands separate,
Eyes snap to the door.
Silence and no smiles
We try but –
“no more for me”
She says,
Eyes at the floor;
No smiles,
But I try –
“me neither”
I lie.


The curtains pinch
Into a pinkish fold,
Then she turns in the light;
Edges etched in gold.

Strapped up and dressed
In another man’s name,
She presses in close
To feel my shame.

I am a vehicle,
I am a machine;
She wipes up my pain,
My tears unclean.

I return to the world
As the man they want to see;
I close the same door
I will open next week.


Baby is blue,
Baby don’t cry;
Baby is cold
And I don’t know why.

Mummy has tears,
Daddy makes shouts;
Lights in the road
To take baby out.

Here is my tie,
Family in black;
Please can you say
When baby come back?